Suncroft GFC Quantum Draw Launched














What is the Quantum Draw?

It is a raffle where people buy tickets to enter, with a fun twist.

The prizes are, €3,000 first prize and 5 x €100 prizes. 

Whoever picks ticket number 2000 automatically wins €50.

The raffle will take place in December 2019.



How much are the tickets?

The cheapest ticket is 1 cent and the most expensive €20. 

That is what makes this raffle different. Nobody knows how much their ticket costs until they pick their ticket envelope and have a look.

How does it work?

The buyer picks an envelope.  Inside the envelope is a ticket with a number between 1 and 2000 on it.  This number is the price of the ticket in cents e.g.

Ticket No. 1837 – price of the ticket is €18.37

Ticket No. 0024 – price of the ticket is 24c. 


Ticket prices vary between 1c and €20 which means there is a total of 2000 raffle tickets. 

Every ticket has a unique number / price i.e. there is only 1 ticket priced at €0.01, €0.02, €0.03,.....€0.81,.....€4.41, .....€11.11,.....€20.00. 


Fill in the stub of the ticket with the buyer’s details (name, address, telephone number and sellers name).

Money from the buyer and the ticket stub go back in the envelope and its returned to organisers for the draw in December.



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