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Meadow Court Stud - Club Sponsor

Suncroft GFC were delighted to present a set of framed Jerseys to new club sponsor Meadow Court Stud. Meadow Court Stud came on board in 2018 and Suncroft GFC very much appreciate the support and look forward to working with them.

Kieran Lalor on behalf of Meadow Court Stud;

We are honoured to become involved with Suncroft GFC as club sponsors. We feel it is vital that kids from a young age get opportunities to develop both as individuals and in a team environment. Sports is one avenue where we felt we could boost that value and wanted to do so at a local community level. Suncroft GFC have a long and successful history of doing this so we are delighted to become a part of that and look forward to building the relationship into the future. We hope as sponsors that the members of each team will feel an important part of the club, support and help each other and that this in turn will reflect in their role as members of the community. I am a big Gaelic Football fan myself and have attended a number of the Suncroft games already. It was very exciting to see the passion and competitive spirit from the teams and just as importantly the great atmosphere that the supporters bring to each game. The club has and will continue to have an exciting and successful future.


Kieran Lalor

Photo: Louise McGuirk, Rebecca McGuirk, Kieran Lalor, Olivia Lalor, Eve Kehoe.

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