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FACE THE SHORT KICK OUT - COMEDY / DRAMA. Suncroft Community Centre on Sat Feb 25th at 8.p.m.

Blessington Writer’s new play digs deep into G.A.A. Passions.

There are few, if any families in Ireland, who don’t have some connection with the G.A.A. either on or off the field. Even those with no involvement whatsoever are still fascinated by its impact on Irish Society. It’s from here that Richard Lynch cuts deep into the heart of the Association - The Club - to create a powerful piece of Drama, laced with rich earthy humour throughout.

The play has drawn critical acclaim from recent performances, and comes to Suncroft Community Centre on Sat Feb 25th at 8.p.m.

We see the Family Connections, Romance, the pride of the little village and the rivalry between neighbouring Clubs when they clash.

A split within a G.A.A. Club.

A father and son conflict relating to the infamous ‘Ban’ on foreign games that reached epidemic proportions in the 1960’s.

A football match to remember that resonates to this day.

As Kilkeeran G.A.A Club open their new State of the Art Clubhouse, Sonny Halpin, now in his sixties, lays bare much of the Club’s history from its earliest years to the present day in an effort to bury some of the ghosts from the past that continually haunt him.

A host of characters follow, including a larger than life trainer, and his primitive methods, an unorthodox referee, a ‘dyed in the wool’ Chairman, ‘Barney Mc Donald’ who played football when it was ‘dangerous to play’ the Bummer Donnelly’ who liked a few pints the night before a match, and the colorful ‘Mammy’ on the sideline watching her five sons, risk life and limb in pursuit of victory.

From the pen of well known Blessington writer/actor, who previously gave us ‘From the Shoulders Down’ and ‘An Evening with Oscar Wilde, Richard Lynch draws on Humour, Pathos, Tribalism, Bigotry, and delivers a memorable nights’ Theatre.

A play for everyone. Laughs galore and plenty of drama.

Don’t miss it.

Tickets €10. Bookings: Anne Setright 087 9432364

Paula Stynes 086 8614398

Pat Sutton 086 2523637

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