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Minor League Champions

Congratulations To Suncroft's Mionor Team who won the Division 4 League Final on Sunday.

Suncroft got on top early in the game wit a goal and a couple of points but Grangenolvin worked their way back into the game and it was fairly close well into the second half. Suncroft were a bit stronger and pressed on to a convincing win.

Team: David Sutton, Aaron Dunne, Conor Smyth, Josh Thackaberry, Fionn Heffernan, Jamie Duggan, Aaron Sinnott, Adam Talbot, Cian Prendergast, Adam Stack, Kalum Ennis, DJ Brannock, Jack Doyle, Cathal Mahon, Mark Brown, Alan Millot, Shane Ryqan, Owen Setright, Chris Philips, Patrick Corrigan. Management Pat Sutton, Conor Cunnane and John Stack.

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