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Registration Wednesday 30 March 7pm to 8pm in the Community Centre

Registration Wednesday 30 March 7pm to 8pm in the Community Centre

The GAA registration / fee payment deadline, 31 March, is fast approaching. You can register online on the clubs’ website ( or download and print the forms, or you can register at the Community Centre on Wednesday 30 March 7pm to 8pm.

Registration GAA Membership Queries.

1) Garda vetting. All coaches, mentors, club officers, etc. (anyone in any way involved with players or members under 18 years) are Garda vetted. This is not optional.

2) Who has to register. To participate in any GAA or LGFA activities, coaches, club officers, mentors, referees, etc. (anyone actively involved with a specific role or activity) have to have current, active, membership of the GAA and/or the LGFA.

3) Family registration. To keep it simple and to reduce paperwork and administration the same single page form is being used by Suncroft GFC to register individual children, players, non-players, senior citizens, family, lottery, supporters pack etc. Everything cannot be spelled out in detail on a single page and this has raised a query in relation to registering as a family.

The intended purpose of the GAA family options is to try to make it as economically reasonable as possible for parents / guardians with a number of underage children to register. At least one parent or legal guardian must sign for the child, or children, and provide their contact details. Ideally the contact details of a second parent / guardian are also provided in case there is any issue contacting the first but this is optional.

For legal and child protection reasons, with the various family options, only the parents and / or legal guardians of underage children can register with the children as a family. An adult child (18 years or more) cannot register on a family option with underage children or underage siblings unless he or she is the legal guardian of the underage children / siblings being registered.

All adult members, players and non-players, must register as individuals unless they are registering with underage children that they are the parents or legal guardians of.

Sorry if any confusion was caused by the multipurpose form. The forms have been tweaked but if you have any suggestions as to how the printed or online forms could be improved for next year, without unnecessarily growing into a novel or legal text book to cover off every eventuality, they would be gratefully received.

4) GAA and LGFA membership rules. The rules in relation to membership, registration, transfers, etc. are set down by the GAA and LGFA not the local club (links to both official guides are on clubs information page of the clubs website). The club has some discretion in relation to fees however it can only make changes to fees at the clubs Annual General Meeting (usually held in November). The club will assist any player or member that wants to join or play and is having a genuine difficulty raising the necessary fee.

5) Online registration. This is the first year for on-line registrations / fee payment and it has proven to be fairly popular with around one third of registrations being made on-line so far this year. It is new for Suncroft GFC and while there were a few minor technical glitches along the way it has worked fairly well (thanks to all who provided feedback). With regards to costs there has been no cost to Suncroft GFC for putting the online payment / registration facility in place. For security reasons the on-line system uses the secure PayPal payment system to process payments to Suncroft GFC. PayPal do charge a small transaction fee.

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