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Registration Monday 21 March 7pm to 8pm and Thursday 24 March 7pm to 8pm in the Community Centre

The GAA registration / fee payment deadline, 31 March, is fast approaching.

You can register here online on the clubs’ website or download and print the forms, or you can register at the Community Centre Monday 21 March 7pm to 8pm or Thursday 24 March 7pm to 8pm.

Unfortunately, if a player is properly registered (registered and fee fully paid as per rules 2.3 & 6.2 of the Official GAA Guide) by the 31 March they will not be able to legitimately play or train. Players are not covered by the GAA Player Injury Scheme unless they are properly registered as per rules 2.3 & 6.2. Any game that is played with a player that is not properly registered, as per rules 2.3 & 6.2, will be awarded to the opposition and the club fined.

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