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Ladies U14 County Champions

Suncroft Ladies win U14 Division 3 League Final.

It was sunny but cold and breezy on Saturday morning when the Suncroft and Raheen U14 ladies got the day’s events in Hawkfield off to a start at 10am (30 May 2015).

Suncroft made the first attack of the game and while they were forced out three times they persevered and Aislinn Dooley kicked over Suncroft’s first point. Strong performances by Suncrofts Megan Troy and Aliya Jordan in the middle of the field made it difficult for Raheens to get the ball up to their forwards. On the few early occasions that Sophie Roker, Sally Kielty, Victoria Chanders and Grace Kielty did get past the Suncrofts mid field Eve Kehoe and Mary Enright were quick to cut out the ball. Suncrofts forwards were on form with Aisling Connolly and Aislinn Dooley putting two goals and another three points on the score board by the middle of the half. Raheens Aoife Kane was unlucky not to get on the score board early on but strong defending by Niamh Toft and Ciara Fennelly managed to stop her advances. A shot by Courtney Woods forced a good save from Risa Ennis in the Suncroft goal. Ennis got the ball out to Tara Sutton who cleared the ball up the field. At the other end Raheens Chloe Woodgate was under a lot of pressure and had made some good saves but Dooley managed to get another goal past her after picking up a loose ball after Anna O’Donovan blocked down a shot by Aine Troy. A few minutes later Danielle Nolan halted another Dooley attack but this time the ball came loose to Aine Troy who found the back of the net for Suncroft. Ciara Magner got on the end of the kick out and got the ball up to Rebecca Percival, Rebecca was held up by Caoimhe Doyle but managed to get her pass off to Kate McGovern who put Raheens on the scoreboard with a well taken point just before half time. Half time score was Suncroft 4:07, Raheens 0:01.

The second half was much tighter with Raheens making some switches and good use of their subs, Kate Byrne, Ellie Murphy and Chloe Byrne to slow down the Suncroft Girls. With help from Sinead Healion, Sadhbh Tully kept Suncrofts Aislinn Dooley fairly quite in the second half. Raheens Molly O’Brien was unlucky on a couple of occasions but she did make some good passes and helped Aoife Kane get another point for Raheens, a lovely looping shot off her left foot. Amy Brown broke down a high ball to Caoimhe Gilroy which she passed out to Aliya Jordan and Jordan pointed for Croft. Jennifer Harte couldn’t get passed Danielle Nolan but got the ball out to Aine Troy who added a point to her earlier goal. Suncroft tried various changes and used all their subs, Eden Hurley, Ceile Hand, Michelle Kenny and Jane Magee, to get back on top. The second half was a very tight affair with the Croft only scoring a single point more than Raheens in the half (Suncroft 0:04, Raheens 0:03).

Both teams played some excellent football. Suncroft got the upper hand in the first half but Raheens showed Great Spirit and determination to take the game to Suncroft in the second half.

Final score: Suncroft 4:11, Raheens 0:04.

Suncroft: Rias Ennis, Caoimhe Doyle, Ciara Fenelly, Niamh Toft, Tara Sutton, Eve Kehoe (JC), Mary Enright, Megan Troy (JC), Aliya Jordan (0:01), Aine Troy (1:01), Aisling Connolly (0:03), Amy Browne, Aislinn Dooley (3:06), Jennifer Harte, Caoimhe Gilroy, Eden Hurley, Ceile Hand, Michelle Kenny and Jane Magee. Mentors: Karen Ennis and Becca Johnson.

Raheens: Chloe Woodgate, Anna O’Donovan, Danielle Nolan, Sadhbh Tully, Sinead Healion, Ciara Magner, Grace Kielty, Sally Kielty (C), Victoria Chanders, Aoife Kane (0:01), Sophie Roker (0:01), Courtney Woods, Kate McGovern, Rebecca Percival, Molly O’Brien, Kate Byrne, Ellie Murphy and Chloe Byrne. Mentors: Rebecca Roker, Sandra Delmer, Brien Kielty and Ollie Camp.

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