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Workshop on Child Protection 27th May 7pm

Hello Coaches, Mentors and Trainers

It is that time of year again when our Coaches, Trainers and Mentors are back on our pitches helping to develop the skills of our young people and encouraging enjoyment, participation and fun in our games and activities. Your commitment, time and energy is much appreciated as you enable our young players to benefit greatly in terms of personal development and enjoyment each time you coach, facilitate and manage training and games.

It is important that Coaches, Mentors and Trainers have the training and supports that they need. With this in mind, a 3 hour ‘Workshop on Child Protection’ will take place in the coming weeks in the Community Centre. (Date to be confirmed).

It is essential for everybody working in any capacity with children and young people to complete this workshop and so I am hoping that there will be a very good attendance. Some people may have completed it some time ago so this would be a good opportunity for a refresher.

Thanking You for supporting me in my role as Children’s Officer.

Mary Keane

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